discussing what topics we should start with - we discuss if bill will buy a new pocket notes book - warm and windy - we walk toward vincenzo's pizza - i suggest we take the car to someplace along the tracks - we turn back to get the car - i suggest going east, i say that i sense it - we get in the car - bill says he should be back in new hope by 9 - a wedding in our park - little drops of rain in the park - bill suggests that i stick my head out the window so i don't catch his cold (which i think i did, catch his cold) - we park near the milk store and go into vincenzo's - we order a single plain slice each - we talk about what we could talk about: walk with martin, my mom coming out to stay with us, mrs. hester in the hospital on thanksgiving, my music, this terrible fall - bill's topics: the hutch - the starsky issue - other bill topic: busy at work, new guy todd moving in to the ranch, girlfriend during the holidays - i say it's better to have a girl that is off-kilter with her hair and clothes rather than her personality - i dig the first hutch song - we discuss who will write music for the hutch - i suggest more dynamic moments - i suggest writing more beat driven music - we leave vincenzo's - bill says his friends are telling him to get his hair cut - we decide to go back to the house to get umbrellas - we open up the conversation about uncle martin - how often he asks me how old i am - i look in my car for an umbrella - i go inside my house - | turn tape off | - we take off east on 518 - i bring up when martin got belligerent with me - bill says jennifer (of coverboy) is so pregnant - we talk about the baby listening to the music - i say it's hard to talk in the car (about topics) - we pass hollow rd, you can't see the w - walla walla washington - i tell bill to make a left at the light - we decide to go past the road closed bridge out sign - we decide to check out the bridge - i note that we don't need to carry our umbrellas with us - bill asks if the night before it seemed later than it actually was - i take some pictures - | end of side a |


bill notes that the bridge is done - we hear the train at 4:40pm - we discuss the bucyruss errie loader at the doug maymone bridge - i take a pic of the blawenburg belle meade sign - bill see no fishing sign - we see people walking on lake drive - bill sees police sign - ron sees abandoned house - we still hear train - i note that the road is not very used - we pass the long driveway village elementary school - train horn - i say what a weird place - i think we'll see the train from the knoll - we run to it - we don't see it - i say we keep walking bill wants to go back - i take pics of the cracked lines in the road - i tell bill to not worry about the car - it starts to rain - it's a boiling grey sky - if it weren't for the wind, my rain slicker would be too hot to wear - bill discovers and says it's perfect weather for the skillman training school for boys - a truck passes - i take a pic of the sign - i suggest we go down the driveway, and we do - we decide to find some kind of shelter from the rain - i notice that the parking lot is in bad shape - dept. of corrections - i wonder if it is in weird nj - 4:56pm we duck into a doorway and i try the door and it is open - i say we have to go in - we hear a tarp blowing - i say that i will make an area map of the school - we go in - we walk around and i take some pictures - bill points out "the hall of unknown darkness" - i see car lights on the wall - bill suggests we leave - i keep taking pictures - we leave the building and hear the train - bill says if they caught us they would make us stay - the train is very close we run around the "gym" - we see the train through the woods - we hear the squeak for the first time - i take some pictures - we keep hearing the squeak and we decide to try and find it - i show bill some of the pics - we walk across a "basketball ct" - we try to determine what the squeak is - bill suggests that the squeak is a ghost playing basketball - bill says it's the same kind of errieness as "wickens" - i put the recorder up near the hole that the tarp is covering and get a good recording of the squeak - bill describes how it effects him - bill wonders what happened to the boys - bill mentions that there is no sign of other people having discovered it - i record the flagpole - i run around swinging from the rope hanging from the flagpole - bill trys it - i play a tune on the flagpole - i take a picture of an entrance - | end of tape 1 |


5:30p - bill says it's our third train anniversary - bill thinks that because it is warm it seems later than it is when it gets dark - we walk past the big electric box and stop in the small parking lot - bill notices the towers in the distance - i say we should carry a compass - still raining - i take some pictures - bill says "take me to the bad boy czar" - bill mentions "weird nj" magazine - we head back out to the road - i say that it is just enough rain to be strange - i take a picture of the branch in the driveway - bill puts the tape recorder in his jacket and it gets muffled (still legible) - we talk on the way along the road back toward the car - we see deer on the long lit driveway to the village elementary school - i take some pictures - bill suggests that maybe the school is now a park - we check out the signs - bill says his clothing is like a "home", i agree, bill says the same with an umbrella - i ask bill where the tape recorder is, i say that it probably isn't picking us up, bill gives me the tape recorder - i suggest we get under the trees near the lower entrance on the east side of the road to get out of the rain - we notice the boarded up house - we discuss the tarps at the school for boys - bill's concept of the boy who went crazy and still lives in the school even though it is closed - thunderclap and then the sound of a lot of geese, we speculate a big pond (turns out to be sylvan lake) - i suggest we walk down the road a little - it is really raining - bill tells me about dave throwing up in new hope - we discuss the power of daves vomit - we discuss the squeaky sound in the gym, bill thinks it's a fire alarm, i don't think it is - we start noticing that we are getting wet under the trees - bill imagines a crazy guy inviting us in to the abandoned house - bill wonders if ghosts or crazy boys are scarier - the rain is getting worse - sheets of rain - we discuss weather or not we run for it, we decide to go for it - | shut of recorder | - in the car 6:10pm - i explain that we only ran halfway because i was soaked at that point, like we were in a pool - we discuss if it was a good idea - the umbrellas are in the car - we take off - bill mentions skillman rd - bill says that it is raining so hard that driving is difficult - bill asks what was the most memorable event - i say that it was when we found the open door - bill comes up with the concept of the rat workers at the gas station - bill mentions that there are a number of facilities like the school for boys in that area - | end of side |


bill asks if we have a hair dryer - we discuss the facilities more - we arrive at my house - as soon as you move you remember how wet you are - we go in, kayt comes down - kayt takes a picture of us - we tell kayt about the adventure - i show kayt the pictures i took - bill picks up feebee - i go out to car to get towels - | shut off tape | - bill puts plastic bags on his feet - we are getting ready to go to the diner - we go out to bill's car - bill describes how kate neylon wound up staying at his house - i say that it is cool to live in a way that you just crash wherever you run out of energy - we discuss the last "the hutch" show and how rich is really into it - we discuss ford leaving the band - we talk about kate being really into the band - we stop at the wawa rt. 31 - bill says he works to get two days off - we enter the wawa - we look at magazines briefly - we get back into the car - i tell bill that he should get the brakes checked out - we pull in to the brass ring cafe - bill says he doesn't have high hopes for it - we get a high round table - it's our first time there - "my sweet lord" by george harrison comes on the radio and after a bit i ask bill "hey, how's george harrison doing btw? - he's out of the hospital now, right?" bill says "i don't know" i reply "i think he is" (check to see the time he died) - we discuss what we are going to order - i start to read about kayt's mother going into the hospital on thanksgiving - i stop reading so we can order - i continue reading - i tell bill about kayt's observation that it was without emotion - we discuss the event - we start to discuss the idea of "the hutch" doing cover tunes - | end of tape | - | that was the last tape for that day |